How Much do Lash Extensions Cost?

How Much do Lash Extensions Cost?Good lashes aren’t cheap. When it comes to having quality lashes and service you don’t want to risk your natural lashes or health because you didn’t want to invest in your beauty.  If you are considering to get eyelash extensions, it’s important to remember that there are a number of pricing factors to consider that can affect what you will pay for any extension. Here are some of the top factors that can affect the overall cost of lash extensions:

The area you’re receiving extensions:

Services vary based off of location and the regional area where you are located can dictate the overall price of lash extensions. Eyelash extensions in large cities or at a high end spa can often be anywhere from $100-$150. Choosing a private stylist in a smaller town or city could mean getting eyelash extensions at $60-$80. It is usually not a smart idea to go to a private stylist or location that does not specialize in extensions. They usually lack either experience or extensive training which is very important when it comes to the health of your lashes and overall outcome.

The materials you use:

When eyelash extensions are applied using sable or mink they often cost more around $200 to apply. Getting volume lashes may mean a longer appointment which also can drive up the cost depending on the pricing structure of the eyelash salon you go to. The material cost will also vary for a full set of extensions versus filling in previously done extensions.

The training of the professional:

Going to an individual that has many years of experience and certifications, will often mean paying more for your lash extensions. Paying for this additional cost is DEFINITELY well worth it with the quality of the lash extensions that you’ll receive.

The salon:

If you go to a salon that has property trained lash artists or a luxury spa feel, this can drive up the cost. An expensive salon that is designed for luxury lashes could mean paying more out of pocket. What you end up with could be a better experience due to the improvements in sanitation, comfort, and proper application by a trained professional.

Consider some of these driving factors to the cost of your lash extensions. Contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our professionally trained lash artists!