What To Look For In Lash Adhesive

What To Look For In Lash AdhesiveFinding the right eyelash extension adhesive that is going to provide you with consistent results means some ongoing trial and error. If you are a professional salon owner or someone that’s going to be doing lashes for a living, there are some quality markers for each adhesive that you can seek out. When looking to answer the question of ” what to look for in lash adhesive “, here are some of the most important qualities.

A Fume Free Mixture

Having lash extensions which are also free of fumes can be an important first step for your customer service. As soon as you open up a bottle of eyelash glue, it will begin reacting with oxygen and this can lead to irritation with your client’s eyes. Rather than having complaints on the irritation that your client experience when they are at your offices, consider choosing an adhesive that can deliver a strong bond without a harsh chemical smell.

Products That Are Made For Sensitive Skin

As well as irritants that can come from the smell of these products, there are also some chemical ingredients that can cause skin based reactions with your clients. Rather than taking the risk, finding a lash adhesive that is useful but also made for people that have sensitive skin can be a big step in the right direction. A product that’s made for sensitive skin will make sure that you have less of a chance of someone having a rash or any other serious health effects as a result of your lash experience.

Extremely Clear Adhesive

Certain types of adhesive are designed to match with black lashes or they come with a slightly off-color due to the ingredients that are included with them. Make sure that you check the look of the lash adhesive and ensure that it is clear. A clearer adhesive can be a wise choice because it can give you access to more versatility with your lash business. You’ll be able to use the same adhesive for each type of lashes and it won’t require as much blending.

The Drying Time

An adhesive with a shorter drying time can also improve your service. Asking about roughly how long it takes for an adhesive to dry will help you to determine how long you will have to budget for each appointment. An eyelash adhesive that comes with a shorter drying time can help you to speed up your work and enjoy better lash bonding as you move quickly to each eyelash.

Even Drying

When working with any lash adhesive, it is wise to order a small sample from the manufacturer. If you have the chance to try out a small amount of the adhesive, this can give you an indication of what it will be like to work with. Some cheaper adhesives on the market can be difficult to spread and this means that they won’t dry evenly as well. An adhesive that is easy to work with and great for its even drying properties can be a far better choice for professional use. Rather than having to fight with an adhesive that dries inconsistently, you can produce predictable results for each appointment.

When the time comes for you to pick up a new Lash Adhesive, consider some of these top marks for quality when making your selection. By following closely on some of these top qualities, you can make sure you end up with a great quality of adhesive that can be used for your business.