Tips On Making Sure Lashes Stay On

Tips on making sure lashes stay onOne of the most common types of issues that many lash application experts can experience is called retention issues. Retention issues occur when there’s a problem with retention in the lashes. It’s possible that it can happen throughout the application appointment or when a client goes home and they are forced to come back holding on to some of the lashes that you just applied a few hours earlier. Here are some tips on making sure lashes stay on. 

While there are many lash professionals that are quick to ask the client whether they followed instructions after the appointment, sometimes there are a series of causes that may not be within the control of the client or the lash artist. In this article, we are going to cover some of the main causes of retention issues and how you can make sure lashes will stay on:

Temperature Control Inside Your Business

An office that is not climate controlled or that fluctuates with the temperature will not pose the best conditions for you to run a lash business. Your adhesive needs to produce consistent results and if you aren’t getting the right type of comfortable environment that you need to run your business, this could quickly lead to problems with lash retention.


The humidity in your office can also change the way that adhesives react. Any amount of extreme humidity is going to be challenging for an adhesive and if there is a major temperature fluctuation, this can make the process of installing lashes more challenging.

Other Pollutants In The Air

If you are running a salon in the same space, this could lead to a series of chemical dyes and perm solution making its way into the air. This can react with your lash adhesive quite easily. When adhesive gets exposed to ammonia and other chemicals this can change the way that it performs. Set up the area of your salon that is dedicated to lashes, specifically for lashes. Make sure that you can create an area that promotes lash adhesives.

Change Up Your Adhesive

If you’re running into the ongoing problems with lash retention issues, the greater issue could be the adhesive that you are using. This could be a good time for you to start considering other types of adhesives and to even try other products that could be available on the market. Doing a bit of trial and error and discovering the types of adhesives that will work the best can make sure you always have access to a product that’s going to work in your environment.

Instructions For Aftercare

Leaving instructions for aftercare with every client is important. If you are simply installing lashes and not offering much in the way of customer experience, this can lead to the chance that lashes will fall off and you can run into ongoing issues. Working with your clients and making sure that they are treating their lashes well can make sure that the whole process of your experience is catered to your customers and maximum lash retention.

Keep Track

If you are running a lash studio that has multiple lash artists, make sure that you’re keeping track of lash retention problems. Having an ongoing record of problems can help you isolate the issue and understand if there could be a problem between shifts. Keeping a better track of these issues is one of the easiest ways to start fixing them.

Consider some of these top tips on making sure lashes stay on. There are some easy methods that you can use to improve lash bonding and to control the overall experience that your customers have with your lashes.