How To Do Lash Lifts

LashLash lifts are a very different type of service when compared to the idea of a lash extension. As every client will have different types of eyelashes, there could be some clients that are better suited to the idea of a lash lift. Having the right supplies on hand in making sure that you know how to perform this procedure can be important as an eyelash artist.

How To Perform The Consultation

A lash lift consultation is important to determining if your client would be better suited to extensions or the lift. There are some clients that may have extremely short eyelashes whereas you may find others that have eyelashes that are nearly to the length of a full extension in their natural state. Having a consultation with your client and determining what their goal is from the procedure, will let you know the best type of eyelash adjustments that you can perform. If your clients have fairly long natural lashes, a lash lift could be the right procedure for them. Here is how you proceed with a lash lift:

Cleaning Off The Lashes

To start any lash extension or lash lift, you need to make sure that all of the lashes are extremely clean. A cleanser such as professional lash cleanser with a gentle brush that can clean off your clients lashes. You can often find a wide range of solutions for cleaning off eyelashes in a professional manner. The main goal of an eyelash cleaning will be to remove some of the dead skin buildup and any of the dirt that surrounds the lashes. We pick up a surprising amount of toxins on our eyelashes each day so cleaning is required before any appointment.

Once you feel as though the eyelashes have been properly cleaned, you can use eye pads to dry off the affected area and make sure that it is ready for treatment. Eye Pads are excellent for making sure that the under eye skin is well protected too.

Using Lash Lift Rods

Once the eyelashes are clean, you can begin using lash lift rods as required. These rods will stick to your clients eyelid and make sure that the eyelashes will not move throughout treatment. The rod needs to be applied close to the lash and it can’t touch the lashes.

Apply Lashes

You can apply lashes to the rod in the same way that you would any other lash extension. You need to make sure that you’re working with the adhesive to the point where it is tacky as it goes on. Choosing a curved lash tweezer and guiding the lashes into the rod for setting is a tricky task to master. Most professionals recommend working in several different sections across the rod to make sure that every lash sticks well. If you’re having trouble getting a lash to stick, spend a bit of extra time and make sure that it is well bonded before you move on. After each lash is adhered well, you can move on to treating with lash lift.

Lotion With Lash Lift

Lash lifts are best done with the help of micro brushes for applying the lash lotion. The lotion goes on with the right consistency when using a micro brush. Slide your way along the lashes and keep the lotion free from air by using plastic wrap as you go. Be sure to check on the processing time of your lash lotion and this can help you to know when you can remove plastic wrapping.

Rinse Off

Rinsing off the lifting lotion and dabbing the eye with drying eye pads will help you prepare for the next step.

Applying Lash Set

The lash set lotion can be applied with a separate micro brush in the same format that you applied lash lift. Many setting lotions don’t require the plastic wrap but you can make sure that the setting lotion is well absorbed with the plastic wrap option too.

After The Set Lotion Is Finished

After the lashes are set, you can begin removing the lash lift rod gently, leaving the lashes set in place. The final step is to clean around the eyelids to remove any excess glue or products you may have left behind!

Follow these top steps to make sure you can start offering lash lifts at your studio! If you are interested in having a lash lift done at one of our professional lash studios Contact us today Via Email or Phone to set up an appointment today!