Three Options To Customize Your Look

Lash CurlsLash extensions and curls are some of the best ways that you can truly customize the look of your lashes. Getting access to eyelash extensions is just one way that you can personalize your look and enhance the look of your lashes. When you use curls that are unique this can extend the look of your eyelashes and help you to really get noticed. Here are some of the important options to consider with Lash curls and your extensions.

Our Consultation Process

With any type of eyelash extensions, we complete a consultation that is personalized to every customer. Each of our eyelash artists is a trained stylist and we can chat with you about the various elements which are customizable in the look of your lashes. One of the items that we will discuss is your options for curling. At Lash Addicts, we offer several curling options including the three most popular. We use a C Curl, D Curl, and the L+ Curl as many of our client’s request. Each curl tends to produce its own unique effect and it can affect the way that your lashes can be naturally shaped.

Here is a brief look at how each curl option can affect your lashes:

C Curl

The C Curl is one of the softest curves that you can use in eyelash extensions. It’s typically a goto option for many people that want to get a natural look. Most salons offering eyelash extensions will do a C curl as the standard for their curling. It’s likely that if you have had eyelash extensions before the different salon, this is the type of girl that you have experienced. It’s a very soft and natural look with a slightly raised edge. If you are interested in eyelash extensions that are going to be a little more subtle than this is likely the option for you.

D Curl

If you are looking for results that are going to be much more noticeable, a D Curl represents a much more lively and interesting curl that you can place on your eyelash extensions. D type curls are one of the tightest curls that can be offered from eyelash extensions. It’s an elegant and curvaceous curl that can be added to produce a much more dynamic appearance. Many individuals that use a D curl like the look because it can produce a look that is much more awake and bold for lash designs. If you’re looking for something that’s going to be much more striking, the D curl is a nice option to choose aside from the C curl.

L+ Curl

If you have someone natural lashes and you are looking for something that’s going to be rather straight with a downward point, L+ Curls could be the best option for your needs. The L+ Curl delivers a slight lift with a more downward fall on the lower lash. The nice part about this list is that it’s extremely natural-looking and it can make many people feel as though they are sporting natural and longer lashes. This is a look that many people are falling in love with now because it is a more subtle and classic beauty.

In order to curate each one of these unique curls, we utilize a special heating technique with a double sheet and roll process. The benefits of using this seat and roll processes that any of the curls we can provide can be long-lasting. We want to work with you to ensure that you can access the best level of curl and that your lashes can be a natural extension that will truly accentuate your look. By working together, you and your Lash artist will be able to determine the curl that works best for you.

Be sure to ask us throughout your appointment more on the process of caring for your curls as well. We can let you know about a variety of potential issues you may face such as how to correct your curl, why you should not expose your curls to heat and more.

If you are interested in accessing a different type of curl from the standard eyelash extension C curl, talk to us today. We can plan out a curl style that fits your face and that can provide you with the best and most natural look for your eyelash extensions. Trust in our experts to help you make the best decision for your eyelash curls.

We want to ensure you can be extremely happy with the job that we complete in adding your eyelash extensions as well as styling your extensions for a beautiful look. If you’d like to know more about the types of curls that we have to offer, the equipment that we use, or the types of crows that might suit you the best, contact us and set up an appointment today.