How to Put on Individual Eyelashes

How to Put on Individual EyelashesThe process of applying lash extensions requires extensive practice to complete. It is not recommended that you learn to apply lashes off of youtube videos or even doing it yourself. When you are applying lashes to affects the health of an individual so it is SUPER important to have the proper training from a professional that has the experience and knowledge in the craft. Applying lashes in individual format often takes plenty of patience as well. When you start to get the technique down with proper training, you can begin to understand how to apply lashes the right way and get the ideal results from your application. Here are some top tips on how to put on individual  eyelashes extensions from the pros:

Gather your materials:

To Get started with applying lash extensions you’ll need to get a good lash adhesive that lasts for at least 10 days. It is important to have two versions of glue. Several people have sensitive eyes and make need the carbon free and low latex option. You’ll also need to pick up a good mirror, tweezers and the lash extensions of your choice. A mascara wand or spoolie brush can also be extremely helpful for producing a more natural look.

Choosing the right lash extensions:

Using classic lashes usually is the best way to get started as it produces a much more natural look and they are far less complicated to apply. They also have a much softer finish. Volume lashes are a great way to go if you are going for a fuller look.

Perform appropriate tests:

Before you start applying any individual lashes, complete a small patch test by applying adhesive to a small amount of skin such as behind your ear. Let the adhesive dry for at least 48 hours and make sure that there is no allergic reaction before you complete the treatment.

When beginning the application process:

Make sure that you clean your eyelashes and eyes using an oil free makeup remover. Using a mascara wand, brush out your eyelashes to keep them in place.

Begin lifting individual lashes from trays using tweezers and sweeping the tip or bulb along a small amount of adhesive on the tip of the base of the lash. Make sure that the extension is placed along the lash line and not touching the eyelid. The application of a full set can take anywhere from one to three hours depending on how full the set is.

This are some key steps to take into consideration when it comes to applying lash extensions. It is not recommended you do it yourself due to the several negative side effects. We HIGHLY recommend working with a trained lash artist with experience. Contact us today to set up an appointment!