How To Do Lash Extensions?

How To Do Lash Extensions?If you have ever wondered how to apply eyelash extensions, it’s important to consider some of the process that the pros use for their own eyelash extension process. It is definitely not recommended to learn how to apply lash extensions off of youtube videos or any do it yourself training. Applying lashes can affect the health of an individual so it is SUPER important that you have the proper training and guidance from a professional who knows how to do it correctly. Here are eight main steps for applying lashes:

Apply eye pad:

Using a lint free eye pad can be an excellent way to cleanse the area and have a frame of reference for eyelash application. A lint free eye pad sticker can help with seeing the lash extensions as you apply them. Apply the eye pad to the lower lashes and make sure that they are secured.

Choose the individual eyelash extensions:

Choose three different lengths of eyelash extensions between 7 mm to 14 mm. It is recommended to use 7 mm length lashes towards the inside of the eye and increasing the length as you go towards outside area of the lash. 

Picking up lashes:

Isolate the single lash that you want to apply and pick them up using an isolation tweezer. Pick them up at a 90° angle.

Dip in glue:

Hold the lash from the tapered area and then get the extension into adhesive. Using a strong bond adhesive can help to make sure that the lashes stick quickly. Make sure that there is an adhesive stuck to the base of the extension and swipe off any of the extra glue before applying it to the lashes.

Swipe and Isolate:

Isolate the lashes using a pair of curved tweezers and then taper the lash along the lash line. Make sure that the adhesive glue is to the base without any gaps and spread the adhesive until there is a smooth finish.

Set the extension:

Set the extension along the lash and make sure that it is well bonded to the natural eyelash. Move to a second region to make sure that you don’t accidentally touch a lash that is drying.


Make sure that you’re using last tweezers to separate extensions that may be stuck together.

Dry the glue:

Most extensions take between 1 to 5 seconds depending on the glue to completely dry. Mist down the extensions with distilled water and dry the glue for another 3 min.

Keep these top steps in mind if you are planning on applying your own eyelash extensions. However, it is not recommended you do. This can lead to several negative side affects. It is recommended that you go to a highly trained professional. Contact us today to set up an appointment