Eyelash Extensions Tampa

Eyelash Extensions TampaIf you are looking for quality eyelash extensions throughout Tampa you should consider working with our eyelash extension salon. We have years of experience using a patented process for application. We can attach lightweight Lash extensions to produce a more natural looking lash line. We use professional grade adhesives and the best care to make sure that we can give you a private and relaxing experience that you will love.

Eyelash Extensions in Tampa

Eyelash extensions are built using synthetic strands and the false eyelashes that we offer replicate any type of natural eyelash. These lashes can be applied by our salon artists with professional grade glue. These items are extremely lightweight and comfortable and they can quickly thicken up your lash lines. 

Eyelash Extensions to Discover

The natural eyelashes that we can produce are applied through our amazing Lash studio. We can deliver one treatment that can give you a darker, thicker and volume filled lashes. You can have eyelashes that require very little maintenance without the ongoing curling. Shortly after getting eyelash extensions in Tampa, you’ll wonder how you ever did without these fun new looks!

Volume Levels to Suit Your Needs

Volume is extremely important when it comes to lashes. We can offer volume eyelash extensions to suit your needs. These are semi-permanent eyelash extensions that can give you an amazing level of volume. 

A Natural Look

Having a natural look when it comes to your eyelashes is very important. The Lash stylists that we have in Tampa will be sure to keep your natural look and to give you lashes that look completely real. 

Contact us today to book your appointment for eyelash extensions in Tampa. Lash Addict Studio can make the process of getting natural and extended lashes, as easy as possible. Our salon specialists are available today!


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