Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your real Lashes?

Do Eyelash Extensions Damage Your real Lashes?One of the most common myths associated with eyelash extensions is that they damage your real lashes.  There are several factors that go into this question. The truth is that eyelash extensions can damage your real lashes but only if they are applied improperly. If eyelash extensions are applied by stylist that does not have the appropriate amount of experience, they can damage your lashes over time. However, if the lash artist has the proper training then your lashes will not be damaged.

When you are deciding on the types of lashes that are best for you it’s important to consider some of these factors:

One lash extension per natural lash is the rule of thumb for proper application. Improper application would be when you have one extension applied in multiple natural lashes. 

Longer lashes are not always ideal: when you choose longer and thicker extensions that are much thicker and longer than your current natural lashes, it can damage your natural lashes. We recommend not going longer than 3 mm more than your natural lash. If they are too long or too heavy they will twist and this increases the chances that these lashes can prematurely shed or break. 

Allergic reaction:  Allergic reaction occurs when you have an allergy to one of the ingredients of the glue. If you are allergic to latex or carbon you want to make sure you ask for sensitive glue that is carbon free and low in latex. Another cause of allergic reaction is the adhesive is touching your skin. A sign of an allergic reaction is itching, swollen eyelids, and red eyes. We recommend to reach out to your lash artist as soon as you see these signs to get them removed. A reaction is to start pulling your lash extensions out and this can often lead to individuals completely pulling off their extensions and damaging their eyelashes. The proper thing to do would be to have them professionally removed the right way while conserving your real lashes.

Make sure that you are working with a professional that has been properly trained to ensure your lashes will always look their best and to make sure that you are at a lower risk for natural lash damage. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our professionally trained staff!